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Passenger Elevators

Passenger elevators may be specialised for the service they perform, including: hospital emergency (code blue), front and rear entrances, a television in high-rise buildings, double-decker, and other uses. Cars may be ornate in their interior appearance, may have audio visual advertising, and may be provided with specialised recorded voice announcements.

A passenger lift has a completely enclosed lift car that travels vertically within a specially prepared lift shaft. Passengers are transported between floors at reasonably quick speeds and the control systems are often designed to give the most economical distribution of passengers throughout the building.

Special Features

  • Customized in terms of size, position of the door frame for Collapsible or swing door according to the site
  • Can be installed even though the available space is very small
  • Power efficiency
  • No Need for the Lift Shaft - Can be provided with a self-supporting structure
  • Time and money saving benefits: long lifespan, low operating cost, easy installation and service
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